Saturday, 17 October 2009

And here we are!

After many years of threatening to leave Los Angeles, we have finally done it! Tai and Vera are now calling a little town called Brighton, on a little island called called Great Britain, home. Tai is attending University of Brighton studying Sustainable Product Design, and Vera is getting enmeshed in the local green/sustainable/community scene.

Like many American expats before us, we are thoroughly bewildered by all the tiny differences that make England a whole 'nother planet compared to the States. Not the least of which is the whole "opposite side of the road" confusion. Every day is an adventure, sometimes a misadventure, so we thought it would be appropriate to document what happens to us, and what we learn from it. Every entry is a post-card of sorts that we send to our friends and family, and to any strangers that may stumble upon this little page. Also, we hope that, with this blog, any other Yankees making the cross-Atlantic migration may learn about how things work here, and perhaps they won't make the same mistakes we did!

PS - If the blog name sounds familiar, it's because the name is inspired by a book by Bill Bryson - Notes From a Small Island. An American living in England, he traveled all over Great Britain and chronicled all the things that make the English so lovable and bewildering at the same time. We highly, highly recommend reading him!

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